• A Child is an uncut diamond.

    Austin Omalley

  • Violence against women stays behind closed doors.

    Yvettes Wates

  • The duty of Youths is to challenge corruption.

    Kurt Cobain

  • We can't help EVERYONE, but EVERYONE can help SOMEONE.

    Ronald Reagan

  • HUMANITY is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

    Mahatma Gandi

  • In The Practice Of Tolerance, One's Enemy is the best Teacher.

    Dalai Lama

Anjar afforestation

This project is implemented by Nabad in partnership with MSI in three areas (Ali Nahri, Saadnayil, and Majdel Anjar) with the help of the municipalities.

Moreover, after six months of working with a youth group from Majdel Anjar area and after doing differenttrainings about conflict resolution and needs specification and implementing various activities in severaloccasions including independence day ceremony, an awareness campaign on the dangers of drug use and the distribution of brochures on the roads of the town and pens in the shape of syringewith slogans about the dangers of drug use the final part of the project was implemented.

However, an assessment of needs was done by a youth group with the support of municipalities to choose the subject of implementation, and they chose to work on the rehabilitation of the entrance of the village and planting trees on the edges of the main road.

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